Tuesday, 26 April 2011

First up

Technologically tentative and previously private in the virtual world I am encountering on this written journey so I can at least say - well I gave it a go.

You see of late, probably the last ten years I have been an ideas person, a gunna wanna be and now as a new mother (who is time precious) it is time to 'pump up' and be accountable for my lack of action.

I want to create a beautiful kitchen garden in my regional home backyard. I want to be creative, recording my new families life thus far. I want to get up early and walk by two beautiful dalmatians. I want to complete fun run/ triathlon by the time I am forty and I want to save money so my lovely husband and I can get a deposit and live on our beach side hobby farm. In doing so I want to live Blue and manage my Eco footprint.

Being in my three zero's I know I work best when I have a list, one that keeps me in check and well I can't ignore the future of technology so I don't want to be left behind. So let me begin in this strange and hopefully wonderful world.