Monday, 27 June 2011

Would you like carrots, peas and potatoes with your chicken?

It is all coming along very nicely.

My no-dig kitchen garden is up and running. I did kickstart my collections of vegies with buying seedlings, but my peas and beans are doing well from seed. BB even has a little sandpit it the patch, but most of the time he is more interested in the dirt! I can't wait for him to want to help me plant our produce.

Gardening with Grandma

Now I water and wait, while I try to cultivate more plants from seed.

The other side to this little adventure, being this blog, has suffered but we will get back on track. HM is pushing for me to write more and launch the site. I suppose this is inevitable, but there is something so peaceful about people not knowing about it just yet. My private world is still safe with me, though I am meant to be conquering or at least coinciding with technology.

What is also very exciting is that we are getting chickens! We are looking into purchasing (or building, if HM gets his way) a 'Chicken Tractor'.  Two dallies + two bantams in the backyard = interesting times! Throw in a toddler and away we go. Talking of BB he is waking now, talking in his language that only he understands. It is such a beautiful sound that I will miss when he is moulded in to communicating in English.

Anyway back to Motherdom, I think we will go and check on the vegies. It is such a lovely winters day.

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