Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Pregnant Gardener...

It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to reach the back of my garden beds! I have found that due to my over cautious awareness of a baby bump, despite its small size, I am shifting my body to accommodate the little growth. This in turn causes me to activate unused muscles and therefore feel like I have completed a 24hr Pump marathon at the gym after only a short time of weeding and harvesting...

Harvesting, such a beautiful word. I am sure I have used it before in this blog. It conjures a sense of exclusivity. Originally reserved for farmers there are a number of us now, yuppie kitchen gardeners that is, who can bore coworkers with details of the weekend harvest (which really only consists of an hour or two in total). So that is what I have been up to... Unfortunately my harvest has involved pulling out a number of past the date, easy to grow veggies and placing them back into the compost bin. Sad. Unavoidable. My lovable broccoli caterpillars monopolised not only the broccoli but crossed the footpath and found my Asian greens. My HM is probably pleased about this as it would have meant an endless amount of green chicken curries. My other fault was leaving them in the garden when they had reached their prime while we had a family holiday for a week. Silly mistake probably, but I thought they would be better in there than in the fridge. Yep silly mistake.

However sitting on my kitchen bench is a clothes basket full of spinach, some holy leaf Asian greens and lettuce (can't get the caterpillars to attack my endless amount of lettuce). Next to the clothes basket is BB's sand pit bucket packed to the rim with golden potatoes. These have to be my pride and joy. My inspiration for this garden and renowned chef, Stephanie Alexander wrote about the joy digging for potatoes brings to children, secret garden tip for today... you don't need to be a kid to find this joy. And, finally on the bench are some more, unique (that's a euphemism for ugly) carrots.

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