Sunday, 4 September 2011


I have given away my first lot of produce to a friend. Admittedly it consisted of three different types of lettuce and a bunch of chinese greens, but hey maybe after spring there will be some more variety...

So I have tried carrots, peas and lettuce from my kitchen garden. It was joyful to pull out a carrot which resembled, a carrot (I did pick the best one first as I was concerned that they would all turn out twisted and with a number of shoots due to the lack of depth in my soil). There is a tip, don't be sparse with the garden goodness when creating a no dig garden, some of the vegies just don't appreciate it so they try to grow sideways.

I now have to make sure the caterpillars which seem to love my broccoli are collected daily and squished into the ground so I can add some high folate produce to my diet.

Speaking of folate, trimester 1 of pregnancy two is coming to a close which is quiet welcome! I still have some off days but I don't feel like I need to sleep for 18 hours a day, which is nice - from a productive point of view. Maybe I will be able to write another entry in the next month or so!

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